• Brimstone's Story

    Spooky theme parks are exciting. You know what is more exciting? When they are filled with curses and creepy ghost looking at you from the back. Only you will be able to determine if you can withstand the pressure of ancient souls.
  • The Hypothesis

    When it comes to logical thinking, scientist will be able to help you. What happens when a scientist goes so deep into the work of paranormal activities, that even he is not able to describe shivers that his house gives him. Check out this work of fiction to get an explanation.
  • Graveyard Shift

    You ever have a feeling of being watched? What about a feeling that things are missing for no reason? I will assure you that you haven't felt that someone pushed a ladder while you were standing on it. Guess who did? Our anonymous graveyard employee of the day....
  • An Early Visitor

    A knock on the door can bring you a paycheck or a robber. It is up to you if you want to open your door before the sun is up...
  • Lonely Vince

    When a strange man is trying to enter your house it makes you confused. What does he need to do to give you goosebumps? The author of this story will tell you all about it...
  • The House I Grew Up In

    There is a tremendous amount of stories where things just seem to weird. Objects are moved to different places, doors fall of the hinges, and ghosts looking at you. This story came from someone who experienced it all.
  • At the Pond

    Remember that time you decided take a walk down the pond on a gloomy night? Well, the author of this story has something to tell you, before you take your next walk.
  • The Captain's House

    A fine story of a captains house with a little twist and tense plot. Who knows if she will survive....
  • Justice

    Some scary stories can teach us a lesson. One might think they meant to scare you away, but when you add a hint of philosophy and it turns into a great lesson.
  • To Kill a Ghost

    A creepy story about a couple of inexperienced ghost hunters. How does the story go? Check out full version.